Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Sylvaneth Army showcase

So this week I haven't managed to get a huge amount of personal hobby time in this week (I finished the armour on 5 space marines) but I have managed to get a whole bunch of inspiration as well as painting a whole sylvaneth army for the shop (for those of you who don't know I know work in the Southampton GW so come say hello) so I thought I'd showcase them here seeing as I painted them.


So first things first the core of the army, the dryads. These guys where really simple to paint, we sprayed them mournfang brown, washed them agrax earthshade, drybrushed with the mournfang brown and then drybrushed balor brown. The leaves where done in castellen green high lighted loren forest and that was kind of it, I managed to bashed out 36 of these guys in about 3 days.

The Ancients

The next guys I did were the treemen and treeman ancient. These guys followed a similar set of steps but we over sprayed zandri dust before washing and highlighted with zandri and then ushabti. The big difference here was that we used nikhilan oxide to get some cool looking runes on the models. We washed some of the other bits in different browns and glazed the beard on the ancient with bloodletter. These guys where so much fun to put together and paint, I may have impulse bought one and definetly be getting a couple more, especially as they work really well in games as well.

Spirit of Durthu

Finally we have the spirit of Durthu. This wasn't going to be built orginally as Druthu had lost his rules. but since he has new rules in the battletome is was decided that we should have one anyway. He was painted differently, starting with a chaos black spray and then dry brushed rhinox hide and gorthor brown. The larger panels were then drybrushed baneblade brown and finally a light drybrush on the highest parts in ushabti bone. Everything else was painted the same, only thing that hasn't been finished is the base as we didn't have enough in the shop (I'll post up photos when he's done). Now this is where I got my inspiration from, I'd love to do my sylvaneth in this much darker wood colour. I think it would go well some dark blues in the runes etc, well we'll see hopefully you'll see some of them on the blog in the near future.

And all the large trees together
And that's the army, I've had real fun painting these guys and I hope that I have as much fun painting my own, and that's it for this week, probably won't be any updates for a week or two as I'm on holiday for a couple of weeks.


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