Tuesday, 28 March 2017

New Army - Custodes

So I thought I'd do a little writing about my newest army the Talons of the Emperor, or more specifically the Custodes part of that list. I have just shy of 1500pts at the time of writing (although I have some upgrade packs coming in the post which'll bring it to 1750pts). So Below are my thoughts on how they work and why I'll run them they way I'm planning on running them.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Regaining the Hobby Mojo

So first post in a long while. To be honest although I have been hobbying I haven't really felt the desire to interact with the community or post photos of my work as I haven't really felt inspired in any real way, plus I've had life things to sort out. But now the life things have been sorted and Inferno has now dropped plus a couple of other bits and pieces I thought it would be worth writing some more bits and pieces. So without further a do lets get on with it!

Army I took to the Warhammer World Heresy Doubles event