Monday, 20 March 2017

Regaining the Hobby Mojo

So first post in a long while. To be honest although I have been hobbying I haven't really felt the desire to interact with the community or post photos of my work as I haven't really felt inspired in any real way, plus I've had life things to sort out. But now the life things have been sorted and Inferno has now dropped plus a couple of other bits and pieces I thought it would be worth writing some more bits and pieces. So without further a do lets get on with it!

Army I took to the Warhammer World Heresy Doubles event

Social Media

So I'm trying to be more active in sharing my general hobby with people so have created an instagram account to go alongside this blog (find it @aett_hobby) to try and keep my posting more regularly. I am also appearing on youtube for the first time this coming friday along side the Emperors Path. We filmed a battle report for his channel (go check it out) featuring the custodes (see below) that I have started working on. Beyond that I am also trying to keep up with my twitter as well as it's a really good platform for sharing works and interacting with hobbyists from around the globe.

Current Projects

So as all hobbyists do I am definitely a hobby butterfly. And with so much cool stuff coming out at the moment it is very difficult to just do one thing. So at the moment I have 4 majorish projects going on.

1. Space Wolves: The name sake of the blog and my first love. With inferno in my hands and having had the chance to chat with some other like minded players I am slowly deciding how to bring my current force in line with the Inferno update as my old mass terminators in land raiders is viable without Russ any more. So I've built me a new centurian (Einar Hjalmar) and adding another 5 guys (using the plastic mk3 marines) to both my tactical squads to make them 15 man Grey Slayer packs. In the long run some more javelin landspeeders will be in order but that is for the future.

2. Adeptus Custodes: After having seen the awesome giant custode (the Achillus Pattern contemptor dreadnought) I had to do an army of custodes. So I have aquired myself 20 custodes, Ixion Hales and the dread and have started working my way through them. Currently only 1 is finished but a number are in the later stages of painting. These guys won't be a massive force (probably 2k points at max) as I just want some to represent the forces that where sent to prospero as part of the censure fleet.

I am planning on making them larger squads and giving them melta bombs (watch the battle report to see why this is a good idea) and getting a couple of grav tanks and leaving the army at that.

3. Ordo Reductor (Mechancium): So the force still grows, recently added a magos to the army as I didn't actually have a proper HQ choice (as much as I love my titan princep magos). I've also got a second Krios Venator and a Knight Atrapos (I have a knight! my first one) to build and paint. That army is getting places, although I feel it needs some extra bits to go with it, maybe a triaros (or the new version) and some myrmidons to go in it, we'll see (stick any recommendations down the bottom).

Do I get one these when it comes out?

A Tom and My army in the cabinet for best nomination at the recent Heresy Doubles event at Warhammer World

My new magos (i'll go over the bits in a different article)

4. The Lord of Rings: I recently got hold of nearly £600 of lord of the rings miniatures for a bottle of wine so have decided to paint some of these up and get some extra models to go with (it's as good excuse as any to buy more toys right?) the armies that I got. I'm going to start with a moria/angmar force and a (potentialy) mounted Rohan force, as I think these have the coolest models. I don't have any pictures yet but we will get there with them.

Any way that is a quick update and hopefully I'll have some more bits and pieces for people in the near future.



  1. My hobby mojo comes and goes like the wind! Don't sweat it if it's not there, it always comes back, like a boomerang, or certain types of rash.....

    You look like you've got some awesome projects on the go, so keep posting!!

    1. Thanks mate, yeah it does come and go. The idea of the blog was to try and keep it going.

      Going to try and be a little more frequent going forward

  2. Im a definite Army Butterfly. as soon as one project is nearly finished another one pops up and it goes on the back burner.