Friday, 30 June 2017

Word of the Sigilite Campaign Weekend

So last weekend myself and three others decended as team Excellent to Warhammer World to play in the word of the sigilite campaign weekend, a horus heresy narrative event where the loyalists and traitors battled over the back water world of Ageis to find something the Sigilite was very keen on getting back, so this is a little run down of my weekend and the games that I played.

My largest force of the weekend, three thousand points on mechanicum

My Force

So I decided that I was going to take my mechanicum force with me to the event. My army is an Ordo Reductor themed army so it was led by a magos reductor on an abeyant and backed up by a magos ordinator with a photon thruster who accompanied my 6 man myrmidon squad. In heavy support we had the armour of three krios that help make the foundation of my force alongside a large unit of thallax with plasmas and two smaller multi melta squads. In larger games I brought in a squad of 6 ferrox thallax, 5 ursurax and my knight atrapos

Game 1 - 3k standard mission

So my first opponent on the Friday evening was Steve and his thousand sons, this list was heavy on the lascannons and they probably did more damage overall to my force than the 4 squads of sekhmet terminators. This game was really good fun and was a great start to the weekend. The game was hard fought with my knight stomping some bits and pieces and Steve's lascannons basically taking my army apart systimatically from turn three after one of the dreads finally finished off my knight. The game ended in a 10-7 victory to myself.

Game 2 - 2k non-standard mission

My second game was against a second thousand sons list commanded by Jon, this time we had an interesting split deployment across 2 1k lists. Our warlords started in combat and due to some appaling rolling on my side I lost my magos and 4 myrmidons without doing a single point of damage. Although that wasn't game over as Jon had to get his lord off the board, so I spent the rest of the game trying to stop him, which ultimately I failed at doing due to some horrific reserve rolls partly to blame as I could never bring my full force to bear. Good game against I fun army.

Game 3 - 4k doubles game

Game 3 was a massive doubles game with myself and Tom playing mechanicum agasint Michael and his Iron warriors and Shane "the lady" with his Sons of Horus. This is was a very tight game with most of our army dying over the course of the game. The aim here was to kill enemy characters to get points. We managed to bring it to a 9-9 draw but the table rules meant that every unit lost d6 models at the end of the game meaning that my lone cyber ocularis blew up losing us line breaker meaning that we lost the game 9-8. However it was a super awesome game. Felt like a proper game of hard fought heresy.

Game 4 - 4k team game

So this was the last game of the Saturday and was an amazing laugh. Our team took on team 18 (I think) and meant that we played against the following. Jon, with his thousand sons from game 2, Andy with a jetbike white scars force, Adam with a drop pod and deepstrike based Blood angels force, and Jason with all the tanks in his emperors children force. We brought imperial knights (Jason did have enough fire power to kill them and we did lose one), 2 mechanicum forces and a sons of horus force. This was a really good fun laugh of a game and was a great way to finish off the second day of gaming. The game seemed really close, and all changed in the 5 minutes where I had to go and pack some stuff away as they were about to kick us all out. We ended up winning the game in the end which was a bit of a surprise as I thought it was neck and neck for most of it. 

Game 5 - 3k standard mission

So this was the first game in the morning on the Sunday and I got to play Alex and his nightlords. Alex was a great sport by playing me as his thousand sons team member was meant to play me but I asked if we could swap as it would have been the 4th thousand sons I would have played in 5 games. The game was going pretty even until turn 3 combat where curze got flattened by a whole bunch of power fists and then my next turn of shooting saw the rest of Alex's army gutted (I got 8 terminators, 4 assualt marines, 14 terror squad members, sevatar and curze in one combat phase and one shooting phase). At that point Alex conceded. This was one of those games where it all went my way at the end and I felt a bit shit for it, and to make matters worse Alex had forgotten to place a missile launcher squad at the beginning of game. Alex was a great opponent and I am so sorry that the game ended up going the way that it did.

Game 6 - 4k doubles

Our last game was against Joe and Ben with world eaters and emperors children. You might recongise Joe's world eaters from other parts of the internet such as 30kchannel and his instagram (8ter_of_vvorlds). This game was a massive punch up with 2 primachs (angron and fulgrim), eidelon, a mastadon and 2 knights, where just about everything died. Probably the best game of the weekend and my magos even managed to tank a round of combat from Angron! What felt like a close game was actually less close when we totted up to victory points which led to a lose to us at the end but was a great way to end the weekend.

Wraping it up

Left to right: Tom Garmon-Jone, Lex Head, Philip Leadbitter (me!)
So overall the weekend was a great time and as a team we managed to walk away with the most sporting player award as well as being on the winning team over the weekend (take that you dirty traitors). I was lucky to play 11 great guys over the weekend and managed to avoid the large number of WAAC lists that I saw. Only downside to the whole weekend was the number of WAAC and hard lists that I saw on other tables, a slightly worrying trend within the community, at least the community that attends warhammer world events. I'm hoping to see less of these in august at the throne of skulls, but only time will tell. 

Anyway if any of you went I hope you enjoyed the weekend, and hopefully I will meet you all again at the next one. 

Check back soon as I'll be writing up my list and my experience with the mechanicum and a half year wrap up of all that I have managed to do over the last half a year.

Until next time, Philip

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  1. Great write up dude, well done on the performances and getting most sporting :)