Monday, 11 September 2017

The Path to Path2Confrontation

So at the beginning of November I am taking my space wolves to the Emperors Paths Heresy one day event. So I thought I'd document a little bit of the journey over the next couple of weeks as I bring my force up to what I want it to be for the event. So without further a do lets get to it...

My Army

So firstly I thought I'd outline my plan as to what I am taking as a list. This is a 2500pt event with an optional 500pt side board for swapping things around. I'm not sure if I'll use the side board yet as I a, travelling down to the event so the less I have to carry the better (should have used my custodes). So what am I taking?

Preator - All the standard wargear upgrades here (digi lasers, master crafted paragon blade etc)
          Command Squad - assorted wargear, 4 man strong
Centurion - great frost blade and assorted wargear
Priest of Fenris - Speaker of the dead, who doesn't like a 5+ feel no pain 

Contemptor Mortis - Twin lascannons and extra armour

3x Grey slayers - 15 man squads with 4 power fists, 2 power axes, vexilla and vox

Fast attack
Javelin Landspeeders - 2 land speeders with missiles and heavy bolters
Javelin Landspeeders - 2 land speeders with lascannons and multimeltas

Heavy Support
Scorpius Whirlwind

Lord of War
Leman Russ

So that is a couple of points shy of 2500pts. I'm fairly happy with the list as it stands. There should be enough antitank and enough anti infantry to deal with most armies. The only real big issues I think i'll have will be larger lords of war choices due to the number of bodies I have on the ground, however I don't really want to drop down the size of the grey slayer packs as I think it takes away from the the theme of the list. The only thing I really want to do, and will if at 3k will be to give Russ and the command squad a land raider to ride around in, but the points of the event won't permit me to do so unless I drop a sigificant chuck from the army so I'm just going to risk it I think. 

To do?

So what needs doing? It wouldn't be much of a path to series if it was already done. In my typical manner I decided to build half the army that I needed for this event a couple of weeks ago. So currently sat on the painting desk are:
  • 25 Grey Slayers
  • 2 Javelin Landspeeders
  • 1 Whirlwind Scorpius
  • 2 Twin linked lascannon arms
  • Leman Russ
  • Centurion
  • Wolf Priest
So not a huge amount right.... I should be fine, I have a couple of weeks between jobs so I should have some time to pick up the painting slack in between now and then, plus my evenings will soon become a lot freer. If I can get the vehicles done in the next two weeks then the infantry won't take very long. I've had lots of practise painting MkIII marines in the past.

Most of what needs painting, some of it is base coated now.
So what do people think of the list? And what would you change if you had to run it? But with that I am going to head back to the painting table and try and get the scorpius finished first (although by the time you read this it might already be done...).


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