Monday, 23 November 2015

Emperors Children and some more updates

Time for another quick update. I have a lot of uni work on at the moment as well as it being the height of the Dance season and you know all the Christmas stuff you have to do before the day actually comes round. Anyway I have some bits for you 

Space Wolves

So you've seen the Typhon (which still hasn't been undercoated...) but I have a couple of Jet bikes on the paint station. They will be painted in the same way that most of my infantry. I'm planning building two bases for each, one for using them as jet bikes the other (using bike bases) so that I can use them in games of 40K, if I ever do that. Anyway here is a quick picture of where thy are at the moment.

Emperors Children

So I have a new army thanks to the betrayal at Calth box set, the Emperors Children. I mean obviously they are loyalist as I can't paint traitors. It'll be a small army based on those that survived the bombing on Istvaan 3 led by the one and only Saul Tarvitz. It's not meant to be a large force but it's nice to paint something different once in a while. These guys are also based in the same way as my mechanicum so that they can be used as allies if needed for larger games. 

The force as it stands so far. 1 heavy weapons trooper, 9 veterans and 5 seekers

Above are some closer shots of the first veteran squad (there will be an army list post going up in the next few days). I've gone for a dark purple mainly as I really like the colour. I will be adding decals once I actually buy them and then I'll be weathering them. What I really like about the Plastics is that they blend in really well with the Forge World resin. 

Check back later on in the week or maybe at the beginning of next week for my take on Saul Tarvitz and the army list that I will be using with this army.

Have a good week guys 


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