Thursday, 21 January 2016

Throne of Skulls roundup

So this past weekend was the 30k Throne of Skulls event at Warhammer World in Nottingham. Two days with 5 games of warhammer between 2k to 3k points. I'm going to do a round up the games that I had over the weekend. Overall it was a very enjoyable weekend against a great bunch of guys. Really looking forward to doing it again.

My 2500 point list that I used for most of the weekend

My Army

So I played 1 2k and 4 2.5k games over the weekend. The above is my 2.5k list where everything is what you see is what you get. For my 2k list I drop the jet bikes, dreadnought and the Sicaran. It's a really small and compact list. It was so much fun to play with and am definitely wan to expand the Pride of the Legion side of the army over the regular infantry. 

Game 1

My first opponent of the day was Dan with his World Eaters at 2000pts. This was the first time I had faced World Eaters (well all the armies I faced where firsts actually) as well as my first ever Primarch. This was a first of extremely bloody game which ended in a narrow loss for me (also a running themeof the weekend). It was a great game however. My Typhon was taken out in turn 2 by some really good rolls. At the end of the game I had 2 terminators left and a land raider lacking a heavy bolter and only one hull point. The world eaters had one red butcher, a spartan, ten tactical marines and Angron (I did one single wound to him in the whole game). It was a close 5-2 loss. Land Raider was definitely the man of the match by killing Kharn with one shot.

Game 2

Second game was probably the most difficult of the weekend. Joe had brought his Solar Auxilia (and the only army I played this weekend without a Primarch) with him and it was very different to play against. This was a tough game with all the tanks turtled up at the back of the board and promptly shot my army of the table (although the contemptor survived to the end of the game). The D cannon on that shadow sword got so luckly killing both the spartan and typhon with one shot each. This game was a 14-2 loss and the greatest loss of the weekend but still a really fun game.

Game 3

Last game of the Saturday was against the wonderful Phil and his Sons of Horus. This was a very different game as both armies where small and compact. This game was as bloody as it got really. At the end of the game there was a spartan, Horus and my typhon. The armies tore each other apart over six turns. The two highlights of the game for me was the Mortis on Mortis duel where mine managed to headbutt the Sons of Horus contemptor to death by rolling a double six to hit and then to glance with Phil failing both invulnerable saves  taking it's last to hull points. The second was my Land Raider (again) killing Abaddon with a single shot. A really close 5-4 loss that was a total massacre with the armies just shredding each other. Learnt this game that Horus is a beast (as he should be) and works as you'd imagine him to.

Game 4

The Sunday started with a game against this beautifully painted Raven Guard  played by Lee. Annoyingly all the photos (including this one) are really poorly focused as I was going to do army showcase but I don't think this will be possible. This was the only game that I 'won' as although I was tabled I managed to get more points in the game which was all that counted over the weekend. I'm really amazed at how durable this army was. I put so many shots into the tactical squads and yet I still failed to kill either by shooting. Lee's preator was amazing (I wish mine performed like that). The number of sixes he rolled with his paragon blade and the number of invulnerable saves that I failed was silly. Although Lee managed to fail three charges with fleet (one of them was five inches! Where he rolled a 2 and 1 twice, now that is bad luck). My Primus Medicae was the man of match this time, holding up Corax for three rounds of combat taking 12 wounds and only failing 2 feel no pains (one in the second and third round of combat). I technically won with 7-5 but I had no models left at the end of the game...

Game 5

This was the last game of the weekend was against James and his Nightlords. The 2.5k list that he used didn't have the plasma support squad or the contemptor. This was a very different list to all the others that I had played against over the weekend. As with all the games that I had played this was a blood bath with the the only models left on the table (although my large terminator squad and characters where unscathed in the spartan) with a spartan some drop pods, two raptors and Curze left at the end for the Night Lords and my spartan and land raider at left fore me. Throughout the whole day I had managed to score really low with the final score being a 4-2 loss. We rolled and the game ended on turn 5 but as we had an hour and ten left we played the last two turns just to see how it would have panned out. I still lost 6-4 but managed to destroy every thing apart from two pods on one and two hull points respecivley and brought Curze down to 1 wound (the most damage I managed to do a Primarch all weekend). This was probably the best game of the weekend and James got my best game vote such a great game and for just being a great opponent. 

Final Thoughts

So the whole weekend was great fun and I want to go to the next one if I can. At the end of the sunday there where some presentations. The loyalist faction won! and I managed to come 4th with 3 best game votes, which made my day. Two things that I'm planning on doing next is adding kill markings for Abaddon and Kharn to the Land Raider (defo unit of the weekend for me) and doing some weathering to my Wolves (there's going to be a post about that in the next couple of weeks). Anyway that's all from me today. Hope you enjoyed my overview, and if I go again I'll try and get some in game shots from the games.


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