Monday, 25 January 2016

This Year for the Hobby

So this post is going to wrap up some of the projects that I want to complete in the next half a year to a year in my hobby and give you some idea of what to expect from me over that time. 

The 30k Space Wolves

So I had real fun at the Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls event and it has really reinvigorated me to do more with this army. I really enjoyed playing with a pride of the legion list over that weekend so until we get our book I've decided to go with that as a theme for my army. So over before the next event I'd like to get a Leviathan Dread in a Dreadnought drop pod and a second five man Chataphractii terminator squad with a second land raider and then going forward a whirlwind Scorpius. So within half a year or so it should be another 1000pts or so added to the army.
As well as adding more models to the army I'm planning on starting to add some weathering to all the stuff that I have completed as although I like the clean look of my models would benefit from a little bit of damage to them. I've already done a little bit on my contemptor pattern dread as a test.

Other 30k Projects

So I also have my Emperors Children and Mechanicum forces which need finishing at some point. At the moment these guys aren't at the top of my list of what I want to do, but I do want to get them painted, just not really sure where I want to take them so they will do on hold until I have some inspiration or I get bored of painting space wolves

Other Projects 

So I've picked up some of the X-wing game miniatures as me and some other friends have decided to pick up a different faction each and just have some fun with it. So far the models are really good. They are well cast and well painted. The only problem I've had with them was the jets on the Millennium Falcon which was just a strip of grey plastic so I had to repaint that. It's just a bit of the shame that when you spend over £20 on a pre painted model and quite an iconic part of it isn't painted. 

My X-wing fleet so far

The painted exhaust strip on the Falcon
As well as X-wing I'm going to try and do some more tactic and painting articles as well as some more army showcases in the next couple of months (if you have an army that you want showcased let me know in the comments or on twitter please). 

So that is the plan for the next couple of months and going on into the future, if there is anything you'd like to see let me know. Keep up to date with my most recent ramblings on twitter (@AettHobby).


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