Monday, 1 February 2016

Forays into X-wing

So I've decided to try my hand at a new table top game, and with the release of the new film what better a game to branch out into than Star Wars X-wing. Between myself and a couple of my friends we are planning on collecting a different faction each so that when we meet up we have a variety of different ships to play with. 

Not my art work

So what fleet have I gone with, well I decided that I wanted to get the rebel/resistance fleet. Partly as the new t-70s look gorgeous and partly as some of my favoirte ships (A, B and Y wings) come from the rebel faction. So I started nice and small with the force awakens core set, the Millennium Falcon and the rebel aces expansion.

The Start of my Fleet
However things got quickly out of hand (as they always seem to do with miniature board games). I found myself craving more and more models so that I could build some different fleets. So I ended up getting a seconf t-70 (I'm getting a third from a friend who I've swapped the Tie/FOs that I got in the core set) and two Y-wings.

After some more discussion with my friends and a small game with the ships pictured above I realised that I probably needed at least two of the three factions so that I could a) play with people who didn't have any models and b) give me some variability against those who I play at the local gaming club. This led to the purchasing of the HWK-290 (one of my favourite sculpts so far) and the Most Wanted expansion (see below). With all the pilot cards and upgrades in most wanted I can now comfotably field 100pts of scum as well adding directly to my rebel fleet (I just need some rebel z-95 pilot cards now). 

So where do I want to go from here. Well to start with I'd like play some more games with what I currently own to give things a bit of a try out and to play with some different lists and try out some different things as well as playing a game or two with the scum faction. From a blog point of view I'd like to bring my thoughts on the game from a beginners point of view as well as possibly a couple of battle reports of people want. 

Have a good week guys


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