Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Projects Updates

So I thought I'd take a chance to just post about what I've done over the last couple of weeks and let people know where I'm taking my armies and projects next. Also managed to take a bit of a hobby break last week which has refreshed me to start back at some bits and pieces. 

First BBQ of the season, not hobby related but was super tasty


I've started work on my Krios Venator, cleaned my first regualr Krios plus carried on painting more thallax (I'm getting a little sick of them now tbh) and the Thanatar Calix. The thanatar keeps taking a back seat as it doesn't actually sit in any of my armies atm, so it's the project I do when I get bored of other stuff. After this is all finished I need to get the atrapos out of its box and finally build it, although I need to get a contemptor for the base. I am also adding a unit of Myrmidon Destructors and a magos to go with them to the army in perperation for an event in June that I'm attending.


Finally got hold of my Sagittarum upgrade frame from forgeworld so I have 4 of them built now, plus an extra vexilia and an extra guardian spear armed warrior, just need to get them painted and finish off the rest of the army.... My next purchases for this army will be a squad of Jet bikes to give me a little more punch and manoeuvrability and a second dread (shield and sword variant) plus a bunch of magnets so I can copy what Ben Greaves has done his one (see below, and go check out Ben's work, some gorgeously painted models). And that'll probably round out my force (I might convert up a Valdor model at some point as well).

What Ben has done with his dread, as I have all the spares from mine I should be able to replicated this (I won't be copying the base though....)

The Lord of the Rings

I have built my Rohan force, and sprayed it all but not got much further than that. I am considering stripping my all metal galahdrim force and repainting that as well, but I haven't put too much thought into that recently (I've got the Heresy bug at the moment).

Well that's it for the moment, check Instagram and twitter for my regular updates on what I am building and painting.


Ben Greaves is @heresyjunkie on twitter (go check out his work)

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