Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Looking Forward to June

Time for another update about some upcoming bits and pieces. I'm attending a couple of events and meeting with some people in June so have a whole bunch of bits to finish off for that plus obviously painting up a new army for 8th edition and deciding on an Age of Sigmar army to actually finish off.

Some more filming

The wonderful Sam from the Emperors Path (emperors_path on instagram, and Emperors Path on youtube/Facebook) has invited me back to film another battle report. Last night I had a go with one of the possible armies that I might bring, my custodes. Now from the game I've learnt some bits and pieces which will result in some other purchases down the line (I really want some pallas grav attack craft and one of the new massive dreads). So I've got to get 6 infantry up to table top standard for that (4 Sagittarium guards, and 2 regular guardians). 
If I chose to bring my mechanicum I need to get 6 Myrmidon Destrcutors and a second magos done for that (but more on the mechanicum below).

The 2k list 1 used

Action shot!

The surviving forces at the end of the game. The Contemptor (Alice) single handedly killed a contemptor, 20 tactical marines, a Preator, heavy support squad and most of a second 20 man tactical squad

Warhammer World Campaign Weekend 

At the the end of June I'm heading to Warhammer World at the end of June and for that I will be taking my mechanicum force with me. Now I've managed to get most of the army done, just 8 models to go now and all my owned mechancium, however one of those models is a knight..... (and it's not fully built yet either...). So I recently completed 6 more thallax bringing the total number of thallax painted 24 (plus 6 Ursurax), and I am happy not to paint any more for a while. I've also managed to complete two more krios tanks, one regualr and one venator.
Now I need to complete 6 Myrmidon destrcutors, a magos ordinator to lead them into battle and the Knight Atrapos. The myrmidons are getting there, done  most of the metals, now just to add all the details to the models (and they have a good number of models). The knight is nearly built (i've actually only got to complete the base that it will be standing on) and then I can get on with painting it, which although makes me a little nervous I am looking forward to as well.

The Destructor Cult, they're a little further along but I don't have a more up to date picture

All the parts for the knight ready for sparying
So that is it for major upcoming bits this month, I'm planning on doing a post on my list for the event and maybe another follow up to my previous Custodes tactica post after having a couple more games under my belt.


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