Thursday, 17 March 2016

Lack of Hobby time

So I currently have a major lack of hobby time. I am currently in a short module which requires my full attention as well as having recently purchasing Stardew Valley (Yes I know). But I have managed to get a couple of bits done in the last two weeks. 

What I'm currently spending all my waking hours working on
I've not really managed to get much done. I've put the base coat onto my leviathan (so he's now bluey grey) as well as starting work on Poe Damerons T70. It's been really interesting to be working on a much smaller scale than I'm used to. It's very easy to over do things as the stand out so much more on a small model. However I am fairly happy with the progress so far, I need to touch some little sections up and then add a couple of final details and then I should be done with him.

So what do people think? Hopefully I should have some more time to hobby over Easter so if I can you should be seeing some finished leviathan pictures in the near future. 

Anyway that's all I have to show for the last couple of weeks


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