Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What I have and am working on

So I've managed to be away again for longer than I would like. However with all the university work, paid work and dancing I haven't had much time to do very much at all. Decided to post up a couple of photos of what I have managed to in the last couple of weeks.

Space Wolves

So there are two small projects on the go. The Leviathan (which isn't that small really) and a wolf priest/primus medicae, and have finished of my terminators. The leviathan is so much to work on, it's such a chunky kit but doesn't feel as large and ungainly as a tank to do. I've magnetised it at the torso, as well as magnetising the torso guns and both the main weapons so I can buy more over time. The wolf priest and/or primus medicae (not having a book but trying to fit the fluff is a pain in the arse) is based on the new ulrik model with the helm and using the part helmeted head from the tank crew set. He is part of my idea to slowly build up one of every consul type so that at some point I can have the whole command element of a fleet. I think I will try and use him in a more foot trooped based army as a leader as he has that sort of look to him.

Leviathan ready to be primed which will have happened by the time you read this

Ah magnets, what fun you can have with them

A couple of little conversions added to give him a more foreboding air, the sculpt is beautiful though, will definitely be a painters model
 As well as new stuff I have also managed to 95% finish the terminators I painted to table top standard for Throne of Skulls. I've just got to do the shoulder dags and then weather them. Fairly happy with them, although I don't think that they look as good as my original five. I'm not sure if this is to do with the way I have painted them or because they are plastic.

Full Squad

Sargent and special weapon

Infantry killers (or ablative wounds....)

And tank (or anything really)

One thing that was very clear whilst finishing these guys of is the difference that edge highlighting makes to a model. Below are a couple of comparison shots of before and afters on the same model type, just to showcase how much of a difference it makes. Highlighted are on the left with the table top quality ones are on the right.

Well that is it for the time being, I have plans to put together some more emperors children in the next couple of weeks, put some paint on the space wolves and possible repaint an xwing t-70 in black and orange so I can field Poe Dameron properly in games.


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