Monday, 4 April 2016

More Hobby Projects!

As with all hobbyists we all have a small amount of the hobby butterfly within us, and it is to that extent that I have started a new project, resurrected some old ones and added to existing ones. I'm also going to try and bring you a couple of battle reports for star wars xwing if I can (maybe once I've got a nice mat to take photos on). To that end I am going to split these updates over the week in a couple of different posts so that I can spend a bit more time chatting about each one in a little more depth. Todays topic, Space Wolves!

Space Wolves

If you've been following me on twitter (see feed on the side) you've probably already seen these photos. Here is the 'finished' leviathan. I need to finish both sets of tiles on the base as well as going forward I want to do some free hand on it and weathering on it. 

I also want to do more weathering on the rest of my marines/characters/tanks but that'll be a slow background thing as I go. I recently got a voucher from ebay for selling some stuff so I was going to use that to purchase some more Betrayal at Calth terminators for free effectively, that way I can nearly finish my Pride of the Legion List (all I need is the second land raider). As well as finishing the leviathan I also have two jetbikes, a chaplain/medicae and my five man heavy support  squad (which I still haven't finished) and then all the space wolves I own for my 30k marines will be finished!

Below is a small sneak peak for the other projects that will surface their heads later on this week so keep yours eyes peeled for those.

Age of Sigmar
Ordo Reductor

See you soon, Philip

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