Saturday, 16 April 2016

Amy Snuggs Seraphon Army Showcase

So today I am happy to present a showcase of Amy Snuggs Award winning Seraphon. As most of you have hopefully seen her work I won't spend to long elaborating on the work itself but more about how it has inspired me with my painting and a bit about the hobby twitter scene.

Amy's Armies on Parade board from 2015
So the below is going to be me chatting about the inspiration that this army has given me interspersed with beautiful photos of Lizards


The speed at which this army came into fruition was wonderful to watch and Amy has been one of the people who I've followed on both Instagram and Twitter the longest. What I love about this army is both the simplicity of the paint scheme (and yet it is super effective) and how quickly it's grown because of it. Seeing this army grow really inspired me to both improve my painting and get a lot of projects done, and I'll explain what I mean by that. 
  • Improving my painting: One of the things I have wanted to change the way I paint for many years but have never been sure how to. You see all these amazing painters and that is something to aim for but you can't do that over night. Watching Amy's painting evolve has shown me that I don't need to improve over night and to try out new skills. It can be very easy to get stuck in a rut when painting. We always go on about the hobby butterfly but I think that it is important to have different projects, you need to have different projects to try out different and new topics
  • Getting projects done: Seeing the speed at which Amy paints her models  has made me want to finish of projects. Trying to set yourself goals and targets is really good. I've found tournaments are really good for this. Or maybe a painting a competition, or that game next Friday. Showcasing or playing with a fully painted force against another full painted force is brilliant, and seeing this army expand as it did is the sort of thing has prompted me to try and finish of some of my projects.
Now some pictures

The Twitter Community 

Of all the places that I post model photos twitter is the most supportive that I'm in. You find very few trolls and people who give negative feedback for the sake of it. There is so much positive feedback going around and some really good hobby discussion. Some places I am less likely to post my models these days to places like Facebook as you can get all sorts of people commenting on your work, whereas on twitter those that follow you want to follow you and so the chances of your followers disliking your work is lower. Now that doesn't mean that they won't give you feedback on how to improve but it is so much more helpful than some comments I have received on Facebook.

My Favourite Model

So as with any collection you have one or two models that are your favourite, and this collection is no different. For this collection it has to be Amy's Dread Saurian. As you some of you have realised I loved forge world (what gives it away) and this model is no exception and Amy has done it so much justice. It fits beautifully in with her army and it's a wonderful paint job. Definitely a worthy centre piece for any army.

And that is it for today. If you want to follow Amy on any of the social media check out the links below to find her profiles. I should be bringing you another showcase some time in the week with Amy's Fyreslayers and Ogors with discussion as to why those armies helped me get into Age of Sigmar.

Instagram: amysnuggs
Twitter: @amysnuggs7

Hope you all enjoyed that and have a great weekend.


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  1. Great read Philip! Thank you very much for showcasing my work, I really appreciate it. I'm glad I've been an inspiration to you! :)