Sunday, 24 April 2016

A quick update

This post is just going to be a quick update before a little bit of radio silence that will occur. You're second army showcase from Amy will be up soon but I have my dissertation to do in the next couple of weeks. 

Space Wolves

So the Forge World upgrade kits finnaly dropped. Now I'm going a bit of an AoS phase at the moment so I won't be buying any because I'm on a roll with those guys and don't want to break that. But I very much considering repainting all of my space wolves...
Now that isn't just because my colour scheme isn't the official one (which doesn't really bother me) but I want to improve my painting and get myself an airbrush etc etc, so I might strip back all of my marines, add new shoulder pads to all my models. What do you guys all think about that? They will still be a a fairly bright grey, but we will see.
The new upgrades from forgeworld

Age of Sigmar

So I have managed to do a little more on my norse warband, I have finally started the horsemen (not the horses as I have never painted horses before and want to look at some tutorials and ideas first. I also purchased some savage orks, wurrzag, the new megaboss and some 'ard boyz, because the new ourrks look so awesome. This is the first AoS release that has got my properly excited, hopefully this will be a good fun project after my dissertation is done, and then I'll be able to get some games in.

The whole Warband so far

Anyway that is all from me for a couple fo weeks while I get one with the last bits of my dissertation. As always I will still be active on Twitter so follow me there.


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