Monday, 11 April 2016

This Weeks update

So there has been a lot of bits and pieces I've been working on/starting over the weekend (it's amazing how much hobbying you can get done when you are procrastinating). Below is just a little showcase of that and hopefully I'll have some other bits and pieces for you in the near future.

Space Wolves

So my last batch of terminators arrived! Now I have 19 basic cataphractiis and two characters in terminator armour. So happy with this turn of events. They may not be the toughest nuts in the world but they are super fun to play with. Need to get one of them a power axe (why would you take a sword when you can have axes for free) and with my next major purchase I'll be getting a land raider for these guys and then I'll have a completely mechanised pride of the legion list. Need to get it painted up for the 18th of June for a local tournament. Keep your eyes peeled for progress on that.


This is the next biggest project I want to work on (along with my AoS) is my mechanicum force. So I got some extra thallax in the post from Worge World and a couple of things on the way from ebay and hopefully I'll soon have 18 Thallax and along with the land raider mentioned above I'll be getting a Krios Venator and start with a 1K list and hopefully build it up quickly with heavy support choices (the benefits of the reductor). I like this small army idea as well so hopefully I'll be able to have a well painted army very quickly (as soon as I've finished my dissertation that is).

Age of Sigmar

And I've finished my first unit for my small age of sigmar! These guys took me and evening and then a little bit of time to go back and add some extra details (shields, skin, furs) and actually do the bases on them. These guys where really good fun to do and am looking forward to finishing of the horsemen I have as well  and then adding some hunting hounds to the party. Considering adding a couple of storm cast as well but I need to work out the back story of these guys before adding loads more to them. I also need some sort of character to lead them so if you have any ideas I'd be really happy to hear your suggestions

And that's it, not a huge amount but I'm happy I got some hobby in. The next couple of weeks are likely to be low on the hobby front as it's the last push before I finish my degree and then I'll be a little ore free to do some hobbying which I'm looking forward to. There is also going to be a couple of army showcases coming soon (just need to write them up) so keep an eye for them as well, seems like there is a lot to keep looking out for.

That's it from me today. Enjoy the rest of your week, Philip

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