Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Orruks and War Storm

I'm back again, a little bit later than normal but I haven't had time to write during the rest of the week (downside to having both a job and a social life) but I've managed to get a little bit of painting in and a whole bunch of reading.


So I've managed to get a little bit of painting last night and have continued with the next 4 savage orruks based on the tester that was in last weeks blog. I'm currently really pleased with how they are turning out although the process is taking a little longer than I expected it would (there is a lot of detail on those models). One thing that I had forgotten about when using a white base is that if it is not painted it is really obviously not painted compared to black paint. I'm also really happy with how the blue is turning out on the models. I'm trying to use it as a spot colour throughout the army (the armour on the more heavily orruks will also be blue). I've decided that I'm doing the smaller armour plates blue as well as the lizard skins and hair that are on these guys, the idea being that the tribe is drawn towards blue things, so anything that is naturally blue or dyes so that they fit in with the other orruks, it's also a really nice spot colour on the models.
I'm going to try and get some better photos of these guys at some point as the washed skins are really washed out with the camera flash, they look much richer in regular light.

War storm and Ghal Maraz

So as well as painting I've had a lot of time to read (my bike has been in for repair so I've been getting the bus to work everyday) and have finished Gates of Azyr and now War Storm, plus have just started Ghal Maraz. So these books are a great read but I wanted to point what I think currently has been their greatest strength, but also their greatest weakness (from point of view) and that is that they are short stories of 120 or so words. Now I like this as you get two or three different stories, giving you back ground on different characters and places in a short space of time. But I've come to the end of each and feel a little bit like the endings have been rushed, that there hasn't been quite enough time to finish of the story/character development that was really wanted. As each story is fairly good at standing on it's own two feet I'm not sure why, what feels like a longer story between books wasn't turned into one longer book per story. I appreciate that the lore hasn't been written for some of what is going on and that the books need to keep up with releases but it makes them feel like they are lacking something. Other than that they are totally worth reading, especially if like me you are fairly new to age of sigmar. The really set the scene, give you background on the characters that are there and what the hell is really going on in the mortal realms. So if you can I'd recommend picking them up at some point in the future.

Any way that's all I really have to show for this week. Hopefully I'll have some more painting doen soon. I'm sort of itching to paint some space wolves again so some more 30k might be on the horizon in the near future. Have a great week guys and I'll see you next week


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