Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New Job, New posting schedule and Ironjawz!

So any of you who follow me on twitter will have realised that I have a new job, a job at Warhammer Southampton. Now this means that yay more money for hobby stuff but boo a full time job means less time to hobby. So I'm going to change the blog schedule a little bit. I'm going to try and post every Wednesday and if I get the time do a second, likely to come out over the weekend but this will be less regular. I'm hoping that having this blog will make sure that I keep on hobbying and actually get things done. 

So onto the main meat of the post today, Ironjawz!

My War Clan

So my brother and I had a chat this morning (at the time of writing) about having a game of AoS, due to the fact that he has designed an 100 wound chaos nurgle force. Now I currently haven't got an army that is that large and so I got thinking, which of my two armies do I want to focus on and what units do I want in that unit. Well I decided to put my chaos warband to one side for the time being a focus solely on my Ironjawz destruction force. But what to include? I currently have 15 'Ard boyz, ten savage orruks with bows, a savage orruk shaman and a megaboss. The first thing I decided that I need is some sor of body guard for my megaboss himself. What better a unit to put him with than the brutes, a nice big squad of ten of them, probably all the twin brute choppas and two gore choppas.

Thes guys will make a nice hard hitting fist in the centre of my army, and will benefit greatly from the megabosses rule allowing all brutes within five inches to reroll ones in combat. With a body guard sorted I decided that an orruk horde is not really a horde with only 35 models in it. So the next obvious inclusion is another 15 'Ard Boyz. This will give me two rick 'ard flanks to protect the brutes in the middle, as well as bringing the number of boyz on the field up to 50, a much better horde size.

I might at some point drop 1 of the guys from this squad giving my the wounds to take a warchanter to go with my brutes, giving them 2+ to hit with rerolls of one, meaning they should vary rarely miss, but that isn't on the cards for now. Finally now Ironjawz army would be complete without a megaboss on mawkrusha! Referred to as the death cabbage by someone to me yesturday, this model will make a great centre piece to the army and give me a high toughness unit to go in the army, a suitable general for a founding warclan.

So what do people think of the army, there will be 30 'ard boyz, 10 brutes, 10 savage orruks, a shaman, megaboss and megaboss on mawkrusha. It's a fair number of bodies with a lot of close combat potential, hopefully enough of it will make it across the board to kick the enemys heads in.

Anyway that's all for this week, let me know what you think of the army and anything that maybe I should add in the future to round the force out a little.


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