Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Orruks, Gates of Azyr and Armies on Parade

Time for this weeks updates. I've been doing some background reading as, painting both for work and personal as well as a new idea that I've had for armies on parade this year.


So I managed to get a tester done for my orruks, I've done the skins on all of the savage orruks, and with that done I decided to try out what I wanted to do with the rest of them. I wanted to keep the paint scheme simple but effective. I also needed to have a colour that will match the armour (blue) of my Ard boyz, brutes and megaboss. So below are my first attempts. The only thing that I haven't done yet is the base, mainly as I'm not sure what kind of base I want. Originally I was going to do them with a snowy base, but I am thinking I might do a dark grey/or mud with grass instead as I haven't done that in a while.

Gates of Azyr and Armies on Parade

So I've decided to start reading some of the Age of Sigmar background, starting with Gates of Azyr (the obvious place to start). It's a little bit short but it certainly sets up the scene for the world that has been newly reborn. One of the best described scenes is when Vandus Hammerhand and his storm cast arrive in front of the realm gate that they have come to open. Now there is a huge realm gate, exploding crystal spheres and lots of storm cast. Now this seems like a perfect scene to do for an armies on parade. So I'm going to do some costing up to see if it's financially feasible. If it is then I need to work out how to make the crystal balls that the storm cast arrive in and the giant realm gate. What do people think of this idea? If any of you know of any art work of that scene in particular, both official or fan art I'd be extremely interested if you could point me that way.

Any way that's kind of all I've had a chance to do this week. Going to try and get some more orruks done, so if I do then you will see a second blog this week. Keep up with my antics through out the week between blogs.


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