Friday, 27 May 2016

Up coming projects

So there is plenty to do although less time than I'd like (thanks to a new full time job starting on Monday) so I'm just going to summarise what a need to get done over the summer. I am trying to get a whole bunch of different projects finished up, so that I can either sell them on or put them out for display. 

The Horus Heresy

So my Horus Heresy armies have been on the back burner for a while. I sort of lost interest in the 31st millennium for a while but the hardness is slowly coming back. I have three armies that need completing, my space wolves, my ordo reductor and my raven guard. Now the raven guard are a new force (there will be a post about them later) but they are replacing my emperors children. So what do I have to complete:
  • 5 cataphractii terminators
  • 5 volkite heavy support squad members
  • a wolf priest (primus mediace/chaplin)
  • typhon
  • landraider
  • 20 tactical marines
  • 5 missile launchers
  • 5 seekers
  • undecided HQ for my ravens
  • 12 Thallax with various armaments 

Age of Sigmar

My norse themed warband

My Orruk warband
So with two forces on the go (I started Orruks whilst I was away) I want to get what I have for both of those fully painted, the norse warband doesn't have much more that needs painting, but I have only based the orruks so they need a lot of work. As well as actual armies I have a copy of Silver Tower that needs to painted up so hopefully we'll see some progress with that soon as well. So what do I need to do:
  • cheiftan model
  • amber wizard
  • megaboss
  • 15 ard boyz
  • 10 savage orruks
  • warrzag
  • all of the the silver tower models

Armies on Parade

None of the models here can be used in this years board
So this year I want to think ahead a little more than last year about what I want to do. I have set myself one single rule, I cannot use any models that where in the board from last year. So I have in my head two or three different ideas. The first is to use my space wolves again, but with tanks smashing through a large wall section into a courtyard, spilling out of Spartans and land raiders, with a couple of supporting elements. The second Idea is to have my ordo reductor/raven guard force doing something (I have yet to decide what, possibly some sort of artillery point with some medusas). The last idea is to use one of my AoS forces (probably the norse men) and have them leaving some sort of mountain fortress, effectively a mustering point. 

Anyway so that's what I will be working on in the next couple of months. What do you think I should do for my armies on parade board this year, interested to hear what you think.


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