Thursday, 25 August 2016

Weekly update?

So this has become a little less regular than I would have liked so I decided to just show you what I've done in the last couple of weeks, today has a bunch of everything so get ready for so prepare for a photo dump this week, and I'll try to go back to some of my other articles later on this month (September)

Space Wolves

I am going to the shadow wars event at warhmmer world at the end of October (a 3k event) and so I decided I needed even more models to make the list even though I already own nearly 4.5k of preheresy marines. So I went for a dreadnought drop pod for my leviathan and a couple of javelins for some cheap antitank and manoverability. Now they are really weak (2HP 11 10 10 i think) but in the October event there is no first blood so I'm not worried about them being blasted off the table as there is not negative to losing a 65pt model in this game. 
I've also started painting the drop pod and it is huge and awesome, it's also brought my painting mojo back a little. As someone said on twitter painting drop pods shouldn't do that but I have this thing with space wolves, I just seem to be able to paint them no matter what. So in theory I should have the other bits and pieces for the event done. I will do a separate post on what I'm taking and what I need to get done

Look how big it is!

X Wing

So the other big thing I've been involved with doing recently is building up an imperial force for my xwing collection (which is debatabley to large now). I managed to pick up 9 ties of varying style from Dangermouse425 (@Dangermouse425) on twitter as well as picking up a Firespray, tie advance prototype and a star viper. Hopefully now I have a large enough range of vessels to play a large force of any of the three factions (also considering getting the mist hunter). I'm actually thinking of filming some of the battle reports that I will be playing to upload them to youtube (what do people think about that?).

It's so diddy and cute


So I haven't really done very much in the way of any AoS but I had a massive games a couple of weeks back with the Hampshire Hammers lot to wrap up the season of war campaign. It was a 9 player games with something like 6k points a side. It was really good fun and my orruks performed like a dream (although I think they should have done a little more damage, yay for statistics compared to actual rolling). In the end chaos overcame the combined forces of order, destruction and death but it was such a fun game that it didn't really matter. Anyway here are a couple of photos of set up and the game. 

Any way that is all from today, I will try and get another post written up this week to go out next week looking at my army for October as well as some thoughts about other projects I want to do.


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