Friday, 5 August 2016

What I'm working on next

So I'm back from my holiday (which was awesome) and have been thrown straight back into work, however this has been the perfect time to get some old projects finished, start some new ones and set myself some challenges. So without further a do here is what you'll be seeing from me in the next couple of months.

Space Wolves

So I'm going to the Horus Heresy event at Warhammer World at the end of October which is a 3k points campaign weekend. Now I own more than 3k points of space wolves already but as most people know, this is never enough and I need new units for the army as I want to try out some different things. Firstly I need a second land raider (pictured below) and a dreadnought drop pod for certain, I may also add two javelin land speeders but I haven't quite decided on that yet. I then need to get the said land raider and drop pod painted as well as a unit of terminators as well as going back and finishing the previous land raider and typhon, so there is a fair amount of work to do in the next couple of months so wish me luck. Also let me know if you're going to the event, it'd be nice to meet some people from the internets if you are going

Age of Sigmar

So I have bought the final bits to complete my Ironjawz army. It's only 1000pts under the new points system but I'm happy with it, now all it needs is painting and blooding. I've also bought a pack of the AoS bases that GW do. First of all I thought I had wasted my money, the detailing is soft and doesn't look that great, however after putting some paint on and nearly finishing them they look much better. A very easy way to add some detail to the bases of your models easily if you are not the sort of person that enjoys doing bases. The real big downside to them is that in the 40mm and 60mm packet there are only 10 and 3 base designs respectively. Now with the larger bases this is a little less problamatic but with 18 smaller orruks to base 8 of them will have the same bases which is less than ideal, however other than that I can see these kits having some mileage. 

My Ironjawz force as it stands, 15 brutes, 2 warchanters, and weirdnob and a megaboss. They'll be based once they're painted

And that's it, not sure if I'll do armies on parade this year. I'd like to but I don't know if I'll have the time. So expect a lot of orruks and lots of space wolves in the up coming months.


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