Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Space Wolves for the Shadow war

Today we are going to be looking at the army that I'm planning to take to the shadow war event at Warhammer World at the end of October. Also warning massive block of text ahead! So without further ado lets start at the beginning...

Note - this isn't the army I'm taking

HQ - 322pts

So First part of the army has to be your leaders, here we will have a Praetor and Primus Medicae that will go in the large unit of terminators in the Spartan. There is an element of all my eggs being in one basket with these two but as I have no special characters I'm less worried about losing them (although it will be a pain). I am also using the rite of war, pride of the legion.
  • Legion Praetor - 185
    • Melta Bombs
    • Digi Lasers
    • Master Crafted - Paragon Blade
    • Iron Halo
  • Legion Centurion - 137
    • Primus Medicae
    • Cataphractii Terminator Armour
    • Combi Weapon

Troops - 1704pts

So I will be using three terminator squads, all in land raiders or spartans. Now I've tried running two of these squads before but two is not enough. Cataphractii don't have the ability to run so just having two squads means you can't run around capping objectives so they a) need transports and b) you need a lot of them. The squads also have a variety of weapons namely so that they can do whatever is needed of them. 
  • Wolf Pack 1 -742
    • 8 terminators
    • Plasma Blaster
    • 2 pairs of lightning claws
    • 2 thunder hammers
    • 2 chain fists 
    • Combi weapon 
      • Spartan dedicated transport with flare shield, frag assault launchers, dozer blade, armoured ceramite
  • Wolf pack 2 - 475
    • 5 terminators
    • 2 chainfists
    • 2 pairs of lightning claws
      • Land raider phobos dedicated transport with armoured ceramite and dozer blade
  • Wolf Pack 3 - 487
    • 5 terminators
    • Pair of lightning claws
    • Reaper autocannon
    • Thunder hammer
    • Chainfist
    • Combi weapon
    • Power fist
      • Land raider phobos dedicated transport with armoured ceramite and dozer blade

 Fast Attack - 110pts

So the next two choices may seem a little weird, but they are here for a couple of reasons, firstly there is no first blood in the shadow war missions so even if they are blown up it's not a problem, secondly they are really cheap and thirdly I just love the models and had to have at least one. Now I can either run these as a pair or as two flankers to give me a bit more manoeuvrability and some nice flankers that may just be ignored with all the other massive vehicles on the table. So without further ado I present two stock javelin landspeeders!
  • Javelin land speeder - 55
  • Javelin land speeder - 55

Heavy support - 395pts

Now the leviathan is a beast of a model and has some pretty cool rules as well. I just want include it in the army. Chances are it will get blown up in the first turn (or get immobilised knowing my luck). He's going in a pod to give him the best chance of getting into combat as well as providing quite a nasty distraction if needed as most people will not ignore that big beast in the back line. 
  • Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought
    • 1 leviathan siege drill
    • 1 leviathan siege claw
    • Armoured ceramite
      • Dreadnought drop pod

Lord of War - 455pts

Now when you are playing at this side a lord of war becomes pretty standard. The only one that I own is the Typhon heavy siege tank so it went in the list. It's such of beast of a model and fits with whole idea that the whole army (nearly) is either a terminator or a land raider sized vehicle, and of course it has a really big gun!
  • Typhon heavy siege tank
    • Lascannon sponsons
    • Armoured Ceramtie

 Total - 2986pts

So I have 14pts left over so if anyone has any ideas where I can spend that let me know, it would be much appreciated.


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