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Shadow War event weekend

So on the 29th and 30th of October, 98 gamers descended on Warhammer World to play in a Horus Heresy campaign weekend based on the missions in Book Six (Retribution). I took my pride of the legion space wolves list to fight on the side of loyalists against the rebels. All in all it was a great weekend, and I will give you a break down of the games (as best as I can remember them that is). Any way, enjoy.

My Army

So this army is based on the one that I took with me in January to the throne of skulls event but with more terminators and armour (which although fun to play with does have it's drawbacks). The army was led by my Praetor (standard loadout) and a primus medicae in terminator plate. These guys where riding around in a spartan over the weekend with a 8 man squad of cataphractii terminators. My other two troops choices where two five man squads of terminators in land raiders. All of the terminator squads in the army have a random selection of weapons. In my fast attack slot I had a unit of two landspeeder javelins, which although didn't survive a single battle managed to take out a number of rhinos and sicarans over the weekend. In heavy support I had a leviathan dreadnought in a pod, who was definitely my man of the weekend. And finally I had my trusty typhon on the battlefield, who never survived a game but blew a lot of stuff up over the course of the weekend.

Game 1

So my first game was against Ben and this crazy number of tanks from the Iron Warriors legion. Now when I saw this I thought I didn't have a chance, but despite all the odds I managed to hold the game to turn six (although it did end in the loss for me). It was a great game, in the first couple of turns the predators couldn't do a damm thing as most of my army is front armour 14, but everything else did a fair amount of damage (although the falchion rolled a 1 on the D table every single turn of the game, something that continued to be a problem over the weekend according to Ben). I forgot to bring the leviathan in until turn three but when it arrived it did kill a predator every turn with its meltas (it didn't get into combat during the game). Man of the match was probably the spartan though blowing up the sicaran venator and command sicaran in one round of shooting (praise be to the machine spirit). All in all it was a great game.

All of the tanks

Game 2

Game two was against a wonderful Sons of Horus army fielded by Sam (it was nominated for best painted over the weekend). Again this game was a bloody train wreck, nearly everything died over the course of the game. My leviathan battered and was battered by Sam's leviathan over a couple of turns of combat, my typhon managed to kill the stormeagle when it landed to unload the terminators and abbadon which was the first time it had been killed in 8 games. The aim of the game was for me to kill a character in Sam's army but which only I knew. I picked Abbadon and although he nearly died on multiple occasions he always managed to just about squeeze through the net (close combat, being shot at by a typhon and having the typhon blow up in his face) walking away from everything that I threw at it. I've got a couple of other photos of things I that went down during the battle.

Leviathan off

Abbadon batters my Praetor to pieces in one round of combat

My terminator captain nearly brings down a cortus contempor but gets squished thanks to not being able to go first...

Game 3

So my third game of the weekend was against the Mark Ashfords predator heavy death guard army. Now this game really didn't go my way. The first turn was ok but this list just had so much fire power that my small fire base and small model count just couldn't deal with it. However that didn't prevent it from being a fun fast game with loads of explosions (that's what happens when there are lots of tanks). Again in this game my leviathan dreadnought was the boss, blowing the command predator up with it's melta guns (turns out it is good at that). I honestly can't remember loads about this game as it was the last game of the day after an 8 day working week, however it was awesome. I also got an awesome wooden box with Mark's list, some sweets and some really cool home made purity seals and lodge tokens (if you're reading this Mark, thanks, I'll be using it to store my gaming supplies in from now on).

Game 4


Game 4 was against another Sons of Horus army fielded by Marc. This was the only game that I managed to win which, I think is partly down to Marc's deployment and partly down do some horrendous reserve rolls. In this game I was the defender and I had to get to a point along one edge and stay there till the end of the game. Marc placed a good chunk of his army at one end of the table so I decided to go the other way (namely so I didn't have to deal with the spartan). I effectively rhino rushed the objective (with land raiders) and just turtled in the corner waiting for the pain to arrive. I managed to hold out fairly well with my spartan and one land raider (including occupants) surviving till the end of the game. Some of the awesome moments in this game included my typhon scattering and immobilising my spartan, Marc's plasma support squad wiping out 5 terminators and 3 of their own number in one round of shooting and my leviathan (see a running trend) holding Horus himself in combat for 3 rounds taking 4 of his wounds. Then Horus killed him, consolidated, took two lascannon shots to the face and rolled snakes eyes for his invulnerable save. All in all an awesome and closer than expected game


Game 5

My last game was against Tom and his Emperors children. When I first saw this army I thought I was toast, but I managed to not lose everything (although I did lose the game in the end, partly down to Tom's poor luck). So Tom got to go first and managed to pop one of the land raiders with the falchion. Fortunatley the to sicarans missed both the landspeeders and the typhon (it fired at full BS the whole game!) and just advanced forward with everything else. In my first turn my leviathan stunned one of the sicarans, whilst the two javelins blew the other one up. My typhon killed a tactical squad and my land raiders put some pot shots into the spartan. In the second turn more stuff got blown up (including the sicaran next the leviathan). Now the leviathan took the full brunt of the falchion this turn and lost a single hull point and it's snippy arm. The lancer battered the spartan to death and my small squad of terminators killed the Archeon in combat. The leviathan then over the next two turns proceded to hack and blow the falchion to pieces all the while just ignoring it's fire power for another two turns (seriously it lost a hull point and a single arm to three rounds of shooting from it). In the end Tom's lancer (that thing is a beast) managed to squish my Praetor and most of the rest of my army with just the leviathan left on my side and a damaged spartan, lancer, Praetor and 4 pheonix terminators left on Tom's side. Overall probably the best game of the weekend as so much was stacked against me and it was still an awesome match.

Wrap up

My MVP of the weekend. Killed and held up 5 and a half times his own points over the course of the weekend, even managing to survive the final game against all odds.
All in all it was an awesome weekend with some great cinematic memories. The above Leviathan was my man of the match and I am definitely considering getting one, maybe two more to take with me to the next large event I go to. My army lacks massed anti infantry and massed anti tank fire power but more than makes up for it in staying power, it just doesn't die. And in certain games (1,4 and to some extent 2) half the army couldn't do anything till the land raiders had been opened up. Overall great weekend, got to meet some great people and get reacquainted with some guys I hadn't seen since January, so looking forward to the doubles event in January 2017.

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