Monday, 13 November 2017

Path2Confrontation: We made it!

So over the last couple of months you have seen my army slowly build ready for the Emperors path event on the 5th of November. That weekend has now passed us by and if you've been following my instagram account you will know that I have completed the army I set out to do and played in the event. So I am going to go over the event a little bit and look at the army I took with me.

The Army

So what did I actually take? Well the list is below (with points removed) which I will let you read in your own time. The idea behind the list was to bring something that was fast and mobile but would be able to deal with most things that could be thrown at them. So overall the list worked out nicely. The only massive issue I've had it with it is the lack of troops, so I'm tempted to drop some bits and pieces to try and bring another 10 man grey slayer pack (which I will definitely do at 3k). The other thing I didn't make the most of was the rite of war that I had picked (bloodied hunters), mainly as I forgot all there rules even though I had a cheat sheet! obviously need more play testing. Once I've gone through the games I will go through men of the match etc.

Legion Praetor 
-Aether-rune armour, Iron Halo, Bolt Pistol, Master Crafted Paragon Blade, Digital Lasers
-Legion Command Squad 
x1 Standard Bearer, x1 Lightning Claw, x3 Chosen, x3 Power Weapons, x1 Combat Shield, x4 Bolt Pistols

Priest of Fenris 
-Speaker of the Dead, Artificer Armour, Power Maul, Melta Bombs, Bolt Pistol

-Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Refractor Field, Great Frost Blade, Melta Bombs

Contempor-Mortis Dreadnought 
-Extra Armour, pair of Twin-linked Lascannons

Grey Slayer pack 
-Huscarl, Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Power Fist
-x9 Grey Slayers, x2 Power Fist, x2 Power Weapon, x9 Bolt Pistol, x5 boltguns, Vexilla, Nuncio-Vox, x9 Combat Blades
-Dedicated Transport
-Legion Rhino Armoured Carrier

Grey Slayer pack 
-Huscarl, Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon
-x9 Grey Slayers, x2 Power Fist, x2 Power Weapon, x9 Bolt Pistol, x5 boltguns, Vexilla, Nuncio-Vox, x9 Combat Blades
-Dedicated Transport
-Legion Rhino Armoured Carrier

Fast Attack
Legion Javelin Attack Speeder Squadron 
-x1 Extra Land Speeder, x2 Twin-linked Lascannons, x2 Multi-Meltas

Legion Javelin Attack Speeder Squadron 
-x1 Extra Land Speeder

Legion Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron 
-x3 Sky Hunter Jetbikes, x1 Volkite Culverin, x3 Melta Bombs

Heavy Support
Legion Whirlwind Scorpius 
-Dozer Blade, Extra Armour

Legion Land Raider Squadron 
-x1 Land Raider Phobos, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour

Lords of War
Leman Russ 
-Rite of War: Bloodied Claw

Game 1

The Word Bearers of the first game from Richard
 So my first game was against Richard and his Word Bearers. The start of this game was very much a a game of chicken with who was going to get out of their transport first. This was a good bloody game with very few charges with one massive combat that was gal vorbak, leviathan dreadnoughts, russ a command squad and some grey slayers. That was the big scrum in the middle which saw most things die. The highlight of the combat was Russ punching two Leviathan dreadnoughts to death over two consecutive combat phases. Now these were the biggest problem as they killed off a lot of command squad leaving russ by himself which meant that he died due to lack of support, that and I couldn't hit anything with the damm sword. Over the course of the day I just used the axe as it seemed more reliable. In the end I lost the game to a minor loss, the entire battle came down to secondary objectives (5-2 in the end I think).

Game 2 

Emperors Children of the second game from James
Game two was on the live stream table so if you want to see this game go and watch it over at emperors path on Facebook. However the biggest thing with this game was that due to the game background nothing could shoot more than 12" and snap fire more than 24". This meant that my scorpius spent the first half of the game sat at the back of the table not doing anything only to get one tactical marine in range and then promptly dialled up 4 shots, scattered into the middle of all the veterans and gutted James' force. By this point Russ had dispatched the preator, palatine blades and contemptor dreadnought. The last couple of turns resulted in me mopping up the tatters of James force, leaving just his lascannon squad allowing me to win the game 14-2. Really good game with some very close moments. But the at the end of the day the game tipped when the scorpius got in range when James forgot to move his models out of the way.
(You can watch the live feed of the game from here

Game 3

More word bearers for game three from Callum
So the last game was against Callum (look him up at @tabletopbanter on instagram) and his 102 model completely foot slogging word bearers. Now this game was the fire tide from book one. Now this mission did not benefit his army in the slightest. Most of the blast markers came down in Callum's deployment and just blew some of his units away before I even got a chance to fire (I also sized in this game). Interesting thing with this mission was that it turns out that I have a lot of anti tank compared to my anti-infantry so I ended up pointing a lot of lascannons at infantry. Russ was the star of this game just butchering his way down one flank of the board. In the end, and mainly down to the fire tide, I managed to table Callum's army off the table (which I felt a little bad for). In the end another major victory to the space wolves.

So in the end I place 3rd overall out of 30 players as well as getting one of the highest painting scores on the day. So overall a success of a day by Sam and Ricky and a first good outing for myself with the wolves following the rules changes. I might even be tempted to start playing with them more. I really enjoyed using the army although feel like it lacks troops so I will probably try and change that up a little bit going forward (I have another 15 grey slayers built and another 10 that have been painted). Man of the weekend was definitely Russ and his bodyguard, although Russ is powerful he needs the support from other characters otherwise he has to take the brunt of the force of the attacks and that is what kills him.

Anyway that is all from that event, now back to finishing up all the Talons of the Emperor models and a couple of mechanicum models to take to some filming at Sam's on Friday. Enjoy your week


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