Friday, 11 September 2015

Armies on Parade and Sicaran

So two updates today, armies on parade and sicaran.

Armies on Parade

So my local stores armies on parade is on the 24th of October and I decided to build a smaller board and showcase my space wolves. I am going to have a 40cm x 40cm board (boards have to be a max of 65cm x 65cm). The board is going to be a city fight style board to go with the bases on my 30k space wolves. The idea is to have a building sitting up against one corner and then have a big road that runs diagonally through the middle with a sicaran on one side (I'll do some drawings and put them up here in the next week). Below are some photos of the two completed buildings. Expect more updates as time goes on. 


So the sicaran is 'finally' finished. I decided to add some runes to it and finish the edge highlighting on some of the details. I'm planning on going back and doing some smaller runes in the future as they were really fun to add to the tank.

These runes spell out fire
On the left is Death and the right is Hunt

That's it for today. hopefully will be back to more regular updates soon, been trying to get my life in order before the new turn starts and there is a lot to do.


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