Friday, 18 September 2015

More work for armies on parade

So today's update is just a short one looking at some bits and pieces of what I am doing

Armies on Parade

So I decided to repaint my wolves for my parade board. So far so good. The one on the far back left is more complete, the others are currently drying in the heat of my computer fan. I've used Kislev Flesh, XV88 and Rakarth Flesh as the bases for each of the wolves. As I am building up the textures using washes having different bases will give different finsihed colours for the unit but I didn't want them to be greys and browns so this will give them a unified look in the unit. Now just to finish washing them and do the teeth and eyes (oh and start my board...).

Harlequin Solitaire

So he is 'done'. I am currently doing some more detail on his legs and cloak (stars and diamonds). But other than that I am happy with him. Any this will just be mainly pictures from this today.
This is the 'Finished' model

Above is the detail on the wrist and to the right is a close up of the diamonds on the left before highlighting.

And that is it for today, have a good weekend guys. Philip

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