Monday, 21 September 2015

Some Finished Models

So for the first time in a long while I have managed to finish some painting. Both my Solitaire for my stores birthday and five wolves for my armies on parade board. I might go back and do some more work to them, but for the purposes of today they are done.


So this is the finished model. I added a couple of diamonds on his legs and wrist and changed the points of whit on the gem. The base has been kept dark and bland on purpose as he himself is so bright. I also added a little glow to the runs on the pillar just so it looked a little different.

Fenrisian Wolves

'Completed' fenrisian wolves. The only reason that they aren't fully done is that I haven't painted their tongues or added any slabs to their bases, but they are acceptable table top quality and I am happy with that. They were built up using washes as describes in the companies of fenris book over differing bases coats (XV 88, Rakarth Flesh and Kislev Flesh) to give them differing brown tones but keeping them unified. The reasoning being that wolves wouldn't all look the same. The eyes where done by applying watered down yellow over white, simple and quick and I think it looks good (apart from the one on the front right, he looks a little derpy).


Any way guys what do you think? I'm quite happy with all of them (I might even buy a second box of wolves!). Philip



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