Friday, 4 September 2015

Current projects

So there is not much progress this week, apart from a lone harlequin that is not related to any major project. So a quick break down of the projects today, these being space wolves, emperors children, mechanicum, vampire counts and this harlequin I've mentioned

Space Wolves

So these guys have been on hold for a little while but I want to start them up again, been waiting for a good excuse to do so and I have found some inspiration in the form of a wolf lord created by Ryan Adams over on facebook based on the Polux figure so I'll have to nab his idea soon as I have some parts that I want to use, oh and hopefully a Typhon soon...

Emperors Children

So these guys are on hold at the moment as I'm waiting to see if the plastic heresy kit arrives soon as the images seem to be all MkIV they will fit my army really well, so more of them as and when the kits are released.


So the Red book has dropped so I'll have to pick that up at some point soon. Hopefully will add an aertillary battery after I finish the next bunch of thallax (which have been built now).

Vampire Counts

The grave guard have been built and now need painting, but no black primer at the moment so I'll wait a little before buying some more. As much as the banner bearer was fun to paint  haven't got huge interest in Age of Sigmar at the moment. 


Harlequin Solitaire 

So my local GW has it's birthday on the 26th of September and are doing a lucky dip painting competition and I pulled the solitaire and have made start on it. Most of my projects will be on hold until this guy is finished. So far it's been really fun to paint and I'm really happy with him.

Any way that's it for today, leave a comment if you have any thoughts on anything here, happy wargaming


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