Thursday, 4 June 2015

More Completed Space Wolves

So I have spent the last two days finishing of a couple of squads for my army. It is now a completely legal painted force! I am really happy about this, I don't normally get armies finished (well it's not finished there is still plenty more to add). Anyway enough of the rambling here are some photos.

Command Squad

Ok so its not all quite finished yet. I haven't done the cloaks or the banner yet as I'm not sure what to do about them. I've started drafting out the banner design but I don't want to rush it and ruin it so hasn't been finished. The shoulder pad design is going to be the personal pack markings of my yet to be built Praetor (as discussed in the previous post).

Master of Signals

The other HQ that I have finished is my master of signals. Originally made because I wanted him as a HQ and I liked the model but he doesn't really have a place in my army as he doesn't fit the play style that I would like. Although at least from a fluff perspective it makes some sense as a small self contained army unit would need someone to oversee all communications. For the same reasons as with the command squad I haven't finished his cape yet.

Master of Signals with my Praetor in power armour

Tactical Squad - Skili's Pack

So this is my second tactical squad. This squad has more wolf pelts sculpted on to it as well as some more fetishes than the old terrans to represent more of them being wolves of Fenris themselves. I still haven't gone totally over board however. This squad will probably not get any larger, with my next squad being a big 20 man pack with extra weapons. I like the idea of space wolves forming packs and not wanting to split from these as time goes on and will probably stick with this as I build my army.

Re-finished models

After looking up some advice on the forums about my army I learnt a couple of things about how I have equipped my force and realised for the same points or less I could better equip my force, so I got out my clippers and changed some bits around. Firstly the old Terran himself lost his power sword and gained an axe and bolt pistol instead. The sergeant of plasma support squad lost his combi-plasma and gained a plasma gun (i thought the sergeant had to have one of the options available to him as opposed to being equipped as the squad). Finally I finished the second Kheres of for my contemptor so I can now field him as a Mortis Contemptor.

Anyway that is all for today, hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think. Check back again on Monday for something a little bit different that I am planning on doing.


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