Monday, 8 June 2015

Night Lords Showcase

Ave Dominus Nox!

What is this you ask, the blog has been infiltrated by traitors! Well no fear my fellow loyalist this is just a new semi-regular feature looking at some of the best 30k armies that I have found on my rounds of different forums, blogs and facebook. 

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Army Showcases

After seeing some wonderful army photos around the internet I thought I would share some with you guys. I will post about different armies every now and again when I find an army that I want to showcase that the owner will let me put up here. The idea is to showcase some different armies and give people some inspiration as to how they can put together a force  and get started with the heresy

Skimask Mowhawk's Night Lords

The complete army
So the first army showcase will be the Night Lords, found on the Dakka Dakka forum, painted by Skimask Mowhawk and photographed by Crablezworth. So the reason I picked this army was that it just had so much character, is painted beautifully and is small. I have something for small armies that have all been painted. Giant armies look amazing when finished but before that point they can just look a little weird. This force is wonderfully painted and really inspired me to get on with painting (especially my second tactical squad) so that I can get round to taking a photo like this of my force.

Terror squad armed with Volkites
Cataphractii Terminators
Sicaran battle tank (the lightning looks really good on this)
Xiphon converted from a BSG Viper (a really well executed conversion)
I am looking forward to seeing where this army progesses beyond this point. Skimask says that he although he was planning on 2000pts that plan has gone out of the window as he recently bought 20 more raptors. I am looking forward to seeing more from this army. If you want to see more of the army head over the Skimask's blogs on the Dakka Dakka and Bolter and Chainsword forums  at and Crablezworth also has a thread over on Dakka so check out the rest of his photographs as well at

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. As I said this will be a semi-regular thing and if you have any armies that you think I would like let me know and I will see if I can get them featured on the blog.

Anyway that is all for today, check back soon for more Space Wolfy goodness next week


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