Thursday, 20 August 2015

New toys

So again today will just be a short one as I haven't really got very much 30k hobbying done this week, although I have done some. On Monday I got some new goodies in the post. Firstly another three thallax with a photon thruster. Hopefully I'll get this built and painted in the next couple of weeks.

 The other thing that I got was a wight battle standard bearer so that I can start a small Age of Sigmar army. I've managed to finish him and I'm really happy with him. It was a really fun model to paint with plenty of detailing. I'm going to put up some photos here for that very reason. I'm not going to swamp this blog with stuff that isn't 30k, but then again who doesn't enjoy showing of their work. Anyway now onto some photos.

Right that's it from me today. Hopefully I'll be able to get to build the new thallax models that I have before monday.


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