Monday, 17 August 2015

Titan Princeps/Magos

So this is a quick one today. Just thought I'd put up some photos of my limited edition reaver titan princeps that I finished on Friday. Some of you will have seen him on twitter so apologies for the multiple posts.
This guy will act as the Arch Magos in my Ordo Reductor themed mechanicum army. I don't want to have a massive character to represent my overseer character (see my previous post on the army) and I thought that he would be a brilliant model for what I wanted.

From a colour point of view I wanted him to match my completed thallax (of which there are more of in the post at the moment) but at the same time not quite so damaged and not quite so dark. So thats why I decided to go with the dark brown robes and the lighter silvers/golds. I attempted to go for a shiny look on the boots and gloves, trying to give them a polished leather look, which I think sort of worked but it's not brilliant. 

Any way that's all from me today, have a good week


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