Monday, 10 August 2015

The Ordo Reductor or where I want to take my army

So I have decided to think through my force idea, part of this is based on speculation of what I have heard from different people that were at the open day and chatted to Alan Blithe about the new red Mechanicum book.

The Background

So this force is going to be an Ordo Reductor themed force (although I will be using the the taghmata list). I like the idea of massed thallax jumping all around the place, eradicating all life forms. I see this small force as a group designed to remove the most heavily armoured xenos or last remnants of the traitors on any given planet. So with this in mind the troops will be two large units of thallax supported by a magos and a Medusa (see this is were the speculation comes in). Instead of leading from the front I want my magos to sit at the back giving the orders acting like a task master or overseer (if only he could embark on the Medusa). This will be the ongoing case with this force, for example when I add some Myrmidons (which I will) the Myrmidon lord will be the armies warlord, as I can see him being a more warlike character with a better grasp of battle field tactics. Whereas the magos will give directions and tick of tasks (I can see him on a hill pointing out targets and then ticking them of one by one as the get destroyed and then handing out the next order).

My first three thallax with my magos prime (the thallax are now finished see one of my previous posts)

The army list

Magos Prime 195
   - Archaeotech Pistol, Archmagos Prime, Cyber Familiar, Master Crafted, Ordinator, Power Fist -

Thallax  Cohort 285
   - 6 Thallax, 2 heavy chain blades, 2 Phased-Plasma Fussil -

Thallax Cohort 330
   - 6 Thallax, Destructor, 2 Photon Thruster -

Heavy Support 185
Auxillia Medusa 
   - Armoured Ceramite -

This is going to be the core of my force using the solar auxillia medusa for the rules just to get an idea of what the points might be. However until the that is confirmed what I'll take instead will be three myrmidon destructors with two volkite culverins and a conversion beamer and the magos will drop his cyber familiar. 

So what do you guys think of the force guys? Is it fluffy enough for what I've described above, how do you think either force would fair and what do you think I could add to bring it to 1500pts once I've finished this force.


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