Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Armies on Parade and Haul

So this week has been a good week for the hobby, my latest order from Forge world arrived and more progress has been done on the board.

Armies on Parade Board

So we are getting there. The buildings have been finished and a good start to the board has been made. The pavements are done apart from the paving slabs. I've started on the lamp post and the railings. The road has had a little work done to it, but it needs weathering now. I'm happy with how it is going but I really need to just crack on with it and get it done as I haven't got that long left to finish it. Any way enough talk here are some photos.

A mock of what it'll look like when finished
The current painting stage (buildings haven't been stuck down yet



Yay! More foreworld goodies have arrived. This time in the guise of some jetbikes and a Typhon. So looking forward to putting this beast together soon (another reason why I want to finish my armies on parade board). I've managed to get the new track moulds with this kit so no more faffing around to get the tracks to fit to the body as they are moulded as one piece.

Any way that is all from me this week so far. Hopefully I'll have some updates for you by the weekend. If you want more regualr updates check out my twitter.


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