Friday, 9 October 2015

Next Project

So I have nearly finished my armies on parade board (see below) and need a new project. I need a Wolf Lord to lead my army, so that's what I will do (along side my jetbikes and Tyhpon of course...).

Wolf Lord

So I saw this wonderful conversion based on Alexis Polux (see below) and decided to copy it, or at least take a good chunk of inspiration from it. So I'm not sure quite how large he will be but I want him to be large and inspiring. He will be armed with a paragon blade and arceotech pistol. I will be using the frost sword from the new space wolves upgrade sprue, the pistol will be holstered and his other hand will have a pointy hand. For his face I want to use the space marine tank crew with the half helm as it fits the back ground about the space wolves wearing leather masks into battle. Other than that the ideas are still forming in my head. So stay along for the ride, I'll update as I go. Now here are the photos that I am using for inspiration. (This is NOT my model, I take no credit for it)

Armies on Parade

So we are nearly done with this board. Only a couple more bits a pieces to finish of and then we are done. There isn't much to talk about, but if you have any feedback let me know. The reason that it's a bit washed out but I had to use the flash.

After the tiles where started yesterday

Sicaran giving you an idea of the size scale

This  but us not quite sdone

 That's all from me today. Have a great weekend guys 


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