Sunday, 25 October 2015

Armies on Parade

Sorry for the long gap between posts at the moment. There is a lot of uni work to do so I have little time for mu hobby. So yesturday was the armies on parade event at Games Workshops across the country. Here are the photos of my entry of the day as well as those from my local store and a couple of others that popped up on my twitter throughout the day

My Board

So I am really happy as I managed to place 2nd out of the 9 boards on display. There were some really good entries from a range of painting levels and modelling abilities which was great to see. I was so glad that I decided to do a board this year. it was really fun both as project as I had never attempted anything like that before as well as seeing all the other entries and seeing my local store full with people who had just come in to vote. So without further ado here are some more shots of my army.

Other Entries

Below are the other entries from my local comeptition as well as some photos of a couple of other boards that caught my on twitter.

This was the first place entry. The photo doesn't do it justice, but the army was beautifully painted

Third place went to this brilliant catachan piece

The two below are from Amy Snuggs and Lemon Painting. You can find these guys on twitter (@amysnuggs7 and @LemonPainting), facebook and instagram. Go follow them and check out some more of there work as it's great.

Amy got gold for her Lizardmen. Totally deserved

Mark got 3rd (due to some odd voting, check twitter for the full story), should have been gold really. This army also got nominated for best painted at the recent Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls event.

Anyway that is all from me. Hopefully there will be some more updates in the near future, just need to get some work done first.


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