Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Army Showcase Salamanders

Today we have another army in the infrequent army showcase section of this blog. Today we have some Salamanders courtesy of my younger brother. I hope you enjoy them. 

 I think that this is a beautiful army, some of the painting is definately better than my own. Most of the force is for 40k but he is slowly adding in some 30k models with the aim of building up a complete army one day. The army stands at about 1000pts at the moment. If you like any of this work find more of my brothers stuff over on instagram at Greek_and_painting

Complete army  

 HQs and Elites

This is quite an elite heavy army with two dreads, a unit of terminators and his champion. The terminators where the most recent addition to this part of the army.


There are two tactical squads that make up this army. They all have Forge World shoulder pads on them, as well as a number of free hand sections (this is across the army). 

Heavy Support

One of the centre piece models to this force, the vindicator. This is the second paint job that this model has had. Lots of effort was put into the front plate, as well as inspiration from the Badab books with the markings on the sides of all the tanks.

The Heresy

As I said earlier a small contigent of the Salamanders is now 30k models. As a small start we have 5 tactical marines and a converted Narik. These models are painted in a different way to that of the models above.

Any way thanks for looking guys. Hope you enjoyed the slightly different post today. Have a great week.


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