Monday, 27 April 2015

Command squad and Master of Signals

Command Squad

So my first work in progress. I present you with my command squad. There are three of these guys, one with a sword and bolt pistol, one with an axe and bolt pistol and then my Banner bearer has a lightning claw. I'm hoping to expand the squad at some point but at the moment I have the minimum for a squad. Now some pictures and explinations

So the first guy that I present is my Wolf Lords 'Champion'. He doesn't act as a champion consul but I just liked the idea of a shield bearer/champion style character (I may add a shield to him later on) in the command squad.

This guy is my 'vox' caster in the command squad. I know you can't take a vox in a command squad but the idea of a commander not being able to communicate long distances doesn't really make any sense to me so it doesn't count for anything rules wise. 
A quick tip with the FW axes, if they snap at the haft (like mine did) then a GW pin vice with th standard drill bit is small enough (if you are careful) to drill space for a metal support e.g. a bit of paper clip cut to length.

Finally my banner bearer. Not really that much out of the ordinary on this guy. However if any of you have an ideas as to what I can paint on the banner or link me some decent other banners for me to have a look at that would be really appreciated.

Master of Signals

So here is my Master of Signals. Now I really dislike the long headed FW one so I decided to use the GW one with some bits and pieces added. Firstly I cut away the plasma gun arm and replaced it with a volkite serpenta (for no reason other than they look cool). I then trimmed down the belt buckle till the space wolf chest icon would fit in it's place. A sculpted cloak and he was done

So that's all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying this, again if you have any comments about my work feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment below. And hopefully I'll have something painted for you, or a round up of some of the painted models that I have already completed


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