Monday, 20 April 2015

Completed Squads

So I thought that I'd show you what I squads that I have actually completed in my collection. Compared to what I own and what's on my painting table there is very little that is actually painted. Most of what I own is however base coated, as I am not willing to play with unpainted models, but I get to certain point with the models and the armour becomes very time consuming at that point so it all sort of slows down a little bit. Any way without further ado I present my fully painted models.


Tactical Squad - The old Terrans

So this is the first tactical squad that I have finished. This was my test squad for basing, fur sculpting and just making sure that I was enjoying and still liked the colour scheme that I had picked and how it translated to a larger squad. 
I may expand this squad in the future but I may not. The back ground behind this squad is that their sergeant, who is known as the Old Terran, is an original terran marine and his squad has slowly diminished in size throughout the great crusade, and like wolf packs of the 41st millenium they do not want 'outsiders' coming into this squad. I may upgrade/create some special weapon based guys for the squad so that I can use them as a veteran squad in the future as and when I need them. 

The command elements of the squad

Ancient Hrolfr

A contemptor pattern dreadnought that can be kitted out with either twin kheres assault cannons and used as a mortis pattern or a mixture of close combat/assault cannons if I want a bit more of a close combat punch, which all really depends on the match and points limit of the game.
The wolf who stalks the stars on his left leg isn't free hand but just a decal that I have painted over the give a better finish that the shiny transfer.
He is pinned at the waist for easier transport in one of the citadel transport cases with the weapon arms magnetised for transport and changing around his weapon configurations.

All the weapons and how he comes apart for transport 

 Plasma Support squad

The first squad that I painted for this army specifically, which is one of the reasons that they are not based in the same way to the rest of the army and have no sculpted wolf pelts. Their sergeant is the master of signals model but I may rework him a little as I think he looks a little to weedy in his slightly hunched MkIV compared to the rest of the squad that sport MkIII armour. Possibly by bulking out his shoulders with some MkIII shoulder plates. I also may redo that aerials with paper clip wire to prevent them from bending.
The plan is at some point to make these guys a ten man squad at some point, but they may become a 8/9 an squad first depending on my next purchase.

The four completed members of the squad
Any that is all from me today, check back on Wednesday for a sneak preview and next week for the regular update. I will probably be looking at what I have painted since I founded the blog and if I have bought anything in the mean time. As always feel free to leave a comment below. I'd like to hear your guys opinion on my stuff.


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