Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Horns of War Sound

The Fang : John Blanche


The Fang

"At the centre of the vast plateau of the northern polar continent of Asaheim there is a range of mountains whose peaks are said to rise above the atmosphere. The tallest of all lies in the very middle of the range, dwarfing its fellows and rising like a single gnarled tooth above those that surround it. This peak, and the Chapter fortress that is built upon and within it, is The Fang."

From the furthest corners of the galaxy do they come, their mighty star vessels arrive at Valgard. Messengers walk through torch lit corridors hewn from the mountain itself, a message for a brother. In the hall of the Annulus the Wolf King sits with his lords. 

"Brothers, let us drink and feast this eve, for we are at peace. Yet there are those that wish for war. And as they for war then so they shall receive their war. Ready yourselves and your companies for tomorrow we shall ply the stars and join my brothers.
The Wolves of Fenris shall war once more."

As the horns have summoned them from across the stars so the Wolves arm for war, for they shall hunt again.


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