Friday, 17 April 2015

Welcome to the Aett

Welcome brothers and sisters to this the halls of the Space Wolves.  In all seriousness welcome. If you are reading this then this is my first attempt at anything like this. I am planning on brining you semi regular updates on my hobby progress from the the 31st millennium. 

The artwork of Prospero Burns. Image: Black Library


What to Expect

Most of the blog posts here will be based on the Horus Heresy as produced by Forge World and following (as the blog name suggests) the expansion of the 6th Legion, The Space Wolves. However as we all are to some extent or another hobby butterflies there will occasionally be other bits and pieces put up here, such as my newly started Skitarii/Mechanicum Force as well as my 40k Space Wolves as and when I can actually be bothered to work on them (I got a little bored of them and playing 40k in all honesty).
The aim of this blog is to get me to paint and finish all that I own as it is always nice to have fully painted and based army. I may also put up army lists, battle reports (not that I get a lot of games in) and painting guides etc if people would like them and I have the time
I am no aficionado on all things 30k so please feel free to correct me if and when I get things wrong.  

What is already in the works

So lets start with what I already own and then on to a couple of pictures. I started collecting my 30k force about this time last year and now have a fairly sizeable force including:
  • Two 10 man Tactical Squads
  • A 5 man Plasma Support Squad (soon to be expanded)
  • A 5 man Cataphractii Terminator Squad
  • A Mk2 Apothecary 
  • A Mortis Contemptor
  • A Spartan Assualt squad
  • A 3 man Command Squad
  • A Praetor in Cataphractii plate with lightning claws
  • A Master of the Signals
  • A bog standard consul  
Important note about the painted models. The paint scheme is the 40k scheme not the Forge World 30k scheme as the first models painted (spartan and contemptor) where originally for my 40k force and I really did not want to strip them back and start again. This is the colour scheme that I am going to go forward with so please don't complain to hard about it 
My first completed tactical squad
My Spartan. This is an older photo however this model doesn't fit in my carry case and as such didn't make it to uni
A quick shot from the first proper 30k battle the wolves took part in

Well thanks for dropping by, feel free to leave a comment or share this blog if you like it, and hopefully i'll manage to post another in the near future. 


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