Thursday, 23 April 2015

Welcoming new friends

A Helping Hand

So I have decided that it would be quite nice to drag some friends into this blog to give me a little hand (many hands make light work and all that jazz). This means that the the blog is going to move away from pure Space Wolves although they will still have a heavy influence on the blog. The idea for the schedule at the moment is that there will be updates from me on a Monday with space wolfy goodness and on Thursdays there will be posts from one of the others. So without further ado, I shall let the new guys introduce themselves.


"Salutations hobbyists! As a keen Horus Heresy enthusiast I currently have 2 forces on the go; my small force of Traitor Death Guard which include Typhon and some various mark 2 and mark 4 marines. As well as some mechanicum Thrallax to act as support. My second force is that of the mighty Solar Auxilia. With around 20 troopers, 10 veterans and a dracosian transport, the force is slowly growing though I'm trying to abstain from purchasing more until these ones are all painted. Over the next month I am to touch up the death guard armour and to finish painting my lasrifle section." 
Calas Typhon (recognise this chap from somewhere else in the blog?)
Five of seven death guard currently built
The first six of Tobias' growing Solar Auxilia army
An allied unit of Thallax


Tom started collecting Horus Heresy miniatures when the first Forge World rulebook was released in 2012. At games day that year he bought his first HH model, the primarch Angron of the World Eaters, and still hasn't painted him yet...

Tom has the following Horus Heresy armies:

- Around 3000 points of Sons of Horus including the Warmaster himself.
- Around 2000 points of Iron Warriors.
- Around 1500 points of Mechanicum.
- A small, but growing Death Guard detachment 

Tom's currently building and painting 20 skitarri rangers for his Mechanicum force, and will be growing his Death Guard detachment with a Spartan Assault Tank, a Contemptor Dreadnought, Calas Typhon and a missile launcher devastator squad in the next few months.

A selection of Tom's Sons of Horus force. There is one notable person missing from this photo: the Warmaster Horus! Hopefully He'll make an appearance in the blog soon...
Some of Tom's Iron Warrior Cataphractii terminators

A converted Iron Warrior Praetor armed with a paragon blade and holding the head of a recently defeated Imperial Fist commander as a trophy
The mighty Thanatar!
        More photos will be coming soon of Tom's full Mechanicum and Iron Warrior forces.


"Hi, I’m known at my local hobby shop for having an inordinate number of large armies and superheavy models. Currently I am working on two projects in the Horus Heresy, the Mechanicus and the Primarch character series. Over the next few months I also intend to add both a Reaver & Warlord class Titan to my collection and enjoy looking forward to making a step by step guide in the coming weeks. Also I'm afraid my camera isn't working atm so I'll have to get you some pictures in the next few days."

As Ross' camera is not working right now we thought we'd leave you with some over his other work so you know what to expect from him

So I hope you guys are looking forward to seeing updates from Tobias, Tom and Ross. Let us know in the comments what you would like to see from us in the near future in regards to what you'd like to see from us. See you all next Monday


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