Monday, 11 May 2015

Basing Tutorial

So I've had a couple of people ask me how I both base and paint my models so I thought rather than repeating myself over and over I would do a couple of Tutorials. The first of these will be a basing tutorial, with the second being a painting tutorial (which may cover more than one post depending on how many photos I take).

Creating a base

Note: I use Loctite super glue for all the sticking sections.

Step 1: Take a plasticard sheet and cut some thin strips. Depending on the the thickness of the card you may need to stick two strips together to give a thicker strips. Cut this into small squares/rectangles which you can use as paving slabs (make them as large or as small as require, this depends on base size and how many slabs you want).

Step 2: Take the base and super glue the the plasticard slabs to the base
Step 2
Step 3: Add some bits of gravel of varying sizes to suit the look you are aiming for. My army is based in a city that has been destroyed so there would be broken slabs etc around so the gravel fits.

Step 4: Add the legs/whole model to the base
Step 4
 Step 5: Stick sand to all the areas of the base that aren't already covered. You can also put it between the paving slabs or leave the gaps (depending on how damaged you want the ground to look)

Step 6: Trim the edges of any over hanging bits of plasticard which to make the slabs a little more flush if you so desire (see above image)

And there you have it, repeat for each model. Once you have built the model you can get on with painting.


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