Thursday, 14 May 2015

Castellax Inbound!


For this Thursday I have decided to take a leaf from GW and focus on the Mechanicum. 

I have been working to the Castellax Battle Automata which are very nice models, though they arrive in a bag of very small items like other models (helpful Forgeworld there) they build into impressive models and though they are made to a relatively static positioning, there is some scope to change the position of the arms and hips. The only warning I would issue to those inexperienced at assembling Forgeworld products would to be aware of assembling the shoulder mounted Bolter cannon without filing down the ammo feed first.

I will be looking forward to using these models in the next few weeks alongside their Thanater bigger brothers. Being 3 wound, 3+ armoured, power-fist armed, atomantic shielded monstrous creatures that can be grouped in a 5 man squad, and armed with either a s6 ap3 Heavy3 bolt cannon, or a Heavy2 s7 ap2 darkfire lance for just 20 pts or multi melta for free, means that they really can pack a punch, but only if they can get into range without attracting too much fire, and as rather obvious bolter magnets that may be problematic in broad table games.

More next time on how the Castellax fare in battle. RD.

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