Monday, 18 May 2015

Project Updates

So I think it's time for some updates, it's exam period which of course means more hobbying gets done as procrastination becomes evermore important, right? Any way here are a collection of some of the stuff that has been built and others that are having a change.

Heavy Support Squad

So I decided that I wanted a bit more flexibility in the army and some weapons that you don't normally get to use in 40k, so that sold me on a volkite culverin heavy support squad (that and seeing just how many wounds they can do in a game). 

I really struggled with the power cables, having never needed to do anything like them in the past. Next time I'll give myself a little more time and have a little more patience. As you can see below I need go do a little bit of green stuff work but that'll have to wait till I collect supplies from home.

Legion Champion

One of the first HQs I had for the army. Originally he had a plasma pistol but when writing lists he never got used so I decided to re-arm him. Hopefully this way I'll get more use out of him, I'll probably buy him a breacher squad at some point. I think the only thing that is a shame is that you can't take a shield of any form and a refractor field (just so he can be wysiwyg), ah well.

Any way that's all from me this week.


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