Saturday, 30 May 2015

New Space Wolves sprue

So I decided to delve back into the realm of 40k today (I know heresy right!). Any way for those of you that didn't know GW released a new upgrade set of the space wolves (pre-orders went up today) and they have plenty of fancy new parts on them, some of which I thought would work really well on a Praetor. 

The Sprue

 So here is the new upgrade sprue. So firstly I am not interested in the shoulder pads, so I will probably be selling them on. They are nicely sculpted but I have no interest in Ragnar markings. The main parts that caught my eye where the back pack and frost sword. I've been looking for a paragon blade for a while, I was going to use an axe at one point but now that this exists I think I will use it instead. gives it a more wolfy feel.
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My plan is to use the sword, wolf pelt, back pack and probably the head to create a praetor on foot before I buy my jet bike squad. The Idea being that I can have the same praetor on both foot and on the jet bike so that I can have some character development with my lord.


So I have a couple of gripes about this kit. Firstly why was it produced. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy that fact that I now have more parts to play with but there are other chapters out there that could have done with some plastic upgrade goodness. Secondly the packaging, and there are two things here that annoy me. 1) The pose of the full marine, it looks so dull and the way he is holding that axe... well the less said the better I think. 2) The grinning wolf head. I wanted to use these on my jetbikes to give a sense of a hunting pack but I couldn't paint them like below, it just looks so cheesy. However I will pass judgement properly when I see it in person (and I really hope it looks better than that).
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Anyway that is all for today, let me know what you think about the new upgrade kits and about my idea to use the frost sword as a paragon blade. See you on Monday when I will continue with some more painting tutorials


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