Monday, 4 May 2015

Shiny Resin

That's right, my order arrived 

As always it is great when new material arrives, it means time to build more and add more to your army (after finishing the current painting pile...)

New shiny goodies
So this is going to be a short one today, there are currently a couple of squads nearing completion but nothing worth showing today. So from Forge World itself I've got myself a Sicaran (It's such a good model and almost no warping on the kit), 10 MkIII marines (five for a volkite heavy support squad, 4 as plasma support marines and one as a squad captain). I also managed to get some MkIV bodies which I have used in conjunction with some old bits a pieces to make a 8 man veteran squad (more photos to follow).

Any way that is all for now, see you on Thursday


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