Monday, 25 May 2015

Finally a direction for my Space Wolves!

For a long time I haven't really had a direction for my Space Wolves , I have bits and pieces and have been trying to get a cohesive force together but nothing that clicked. But that has all changed now and I am happy for that. Below I'm going to outline my plan for the army and where I'm going to take it and what I'm going to buy next (the most important of all questions right?)

 The Whole Force

So the idea behind the army is some sort of smaller force sent out to bring a city into compliance or during the heresy a group of wolves to sent to watch one of their brother legions in case they decide that they decide to do something that is not on (you saw what Horus did right?). 
So there are two sections to the force, a more rapid strike force element and a harder more heavy hitting section.

The 'Strike Force'

So this will be the first part of the overall force and what I own more of at the moment. This will comprise of:
  • A Praetor on a jet bike
  • Two tactical squads in Rhinos
  • A tactical support squad with plasmas
  • A squad of scimitar jet bikes
  • Sicaran battle tank
The idea behind this section of the force is a fast hard hitting selection of units designed to run up into the enemy field and grab objectives before the heavy elements of the army can arrive. In game terms I will use these guys as a smaller force of less points for smaller games, they aren't meant to be a full force and are designed to support the rest of the army.

Scimitar Jet Bikes (Source: Forge World)

The 'Hammer'

This force is a little more heavy and slow, and has more models that I don't own in (I'll go into that at the end). In this section will be the terminators and larger tactical squads:
  • Praetor in Terminator armour
  • Command Squad
  • Primus Medicae (will be a 'Wolf Priest')
  • 2 Cataphractii squads (one nine man and one five man)
  • Mortis Contempor
  • Apothercary (Wolf priest in training)
  • 20 Man tactical squad
  • Quad gun Rapier battery
  • Volkite Culverin Heavy support squad
  • Sqartan (maybe two)
  • Land Raider
  • Typhon?
So this force will be a much slower force supported by the heavier artillery heavy support squads. I see them following up the fast elements previously listed. This section of the force is less certain in my head. The large tactical squad will have extra close combat weapons and will ride in one of the Spartans with the large terminator squad, primus medicae and Praetor in the other Spartan. 

What do I need?

So all the units in italics I don't own (which is a shame). My next purchase will be the jet bikes so that I can finish of the strike force, thats the next major goal. I'm leaving the large tactical squad until after FW release the upgrade kits for the space wolves (next 6 month according to the warhammer world opening information) and I'm waiting for them to release offical models for the quad mortars. I love the idea of massed terminators and the idea of a huge squad piling out of one of the largest transporters in the Galaxy is amazing. And that's it, hopefully I'll have some more updates on the Jet bikes soon and then I'll let you know how they fair in battle. If any of you have any ideas about what I could add or change feel free to leave me a comment below.

In other news for the next couple of Mondays I am going to try and bring you some painting tutorials see stayed tuned for those. Until next time then.


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